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Thomas Darcy
Enrolled Agent

Thomas J.  Darcy graduated from Herbert H.  Lehman College of the City University of New York, with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 1978.   For several years he worked for the State Insurance Fund in New York.   His primary responsibility was to conduct premium audits on policyholders to determine actual premium due.   Tom conducted all audits in accordance with NYCIRB and NYSIF rules, regulations, and procedures.   

Beginning in 1981 Tom became an Internal Revenue Agent for the Internal Revenue Service.   He conducted examinations of individuals, corporations and other entities.   For more than twenty years he was an International Examiner and later a Front Line Manager of other International Examiners.   As an IE he conducted examinations of large multinational corporations.   Tom reviewed areas such as:  Transfer Pricing between related entities, foreign tax credits, exchange gain/loss and, other complex taxation issues.   Tom retired from the IRS in December 2011.   

Thomas has met the requirements to become an Enrolled Agent because of his specific experience gained as an IRS agent.   Enrolled Agents demonstrate special competence in tax matters, adhere to ethical standards, and are required to stay current with tax law and regulations by completing a minimum amount of continuing education annually.   Thomas by virtue of 30 years’ experience as an IRS employee may represent taxpayers in the area of Examinations.   He brings a wealth of experience regarding individuals and corporations in taxation issues to the firm.